Jayne has owned the setting since February 2012. Jayne has owned a nursery in Australia and has been working in a variety of different childcare establishments around the world. She is a qualified English teacher with a level 3 qualification in Early childhood.

Jordan has been working at the nursery since 2008. Jordan is NVQ level 3 qualified and completed this in 2012. In 2011 Jordan took on the role as Pre-school leader and since then, has worked her way up to become the Manager. Jordan took over this role in October 2018 and remains as the Pre-school room leader.

Annette has worked at the nursery since 2006. Annette is NVQ level 3 qualified and works in our Baby room and has done ever since she started.

Mo is the chef of our gold award kitchen. Mo has worked at the Nursery since 2006 and is NVQ level 3 qualified.

Gemma is a deputy room leader in our Pre-school room and has completed her NVQ level 2 and 3 since joining us. Gemma started working at the nursery in 2012.

Lucy started as a volunteer in September 2013. Since then Lucy has become a pre-school practitioner and is now NVQ level 2 qualified and completed this in 2015.

Robyn is a pre-school practitioner who joined our Sunbeams team in January 2017. Robyn is NVQ level 3 qualified.

Laura is our baby room leader and works alongside Annette and Bethany in our baby room. Laura joined the team in 2014. Laura is NVQ level 3 qualified and completed this in December 2016.

Bethany is a baby room practitioner who joined our team in 2016. Bethany is NVQ level 2 qualified.

Each child at the setting will be assigned a key person. Their role is to help ensure that every childs care is tailored to meet their individual needs, to help the child become familiar with the nursery setting, offer a settled relationship for the child and to build a relationship with their parents.

It is a key persons role to help the child settle into the new surroundings. A key person will be introduced to the child during a settling in session.