Home Made Lunch

Every week at the nursery we have a variety of different foods for breakfast, lunch and tea. Sweet potato cottage pie, vegetable lasagne and dough balls, pasta and meatballs, fish pie and peas, chicken casserole and vegetable curry with naan bread are just many of examples of our homemade lunches that the children enjoy here at Sunbeams.

We use our own chicken and quails eggs and our own nursery grown herbs and vegetables to put in our lunches and teas. The Pre-school children do a variety of cooking each week which include making humous and guacamole for snack, puddings for lunch and a range of teas. At the nursery we grow a range of vegetables, potatoes, strawberries, rhubarb and herbs. All of which get used in the setting.

We have three different menus which get changed each term throughout the year.

We can accommodate special dietary needs and we alter the lunches to suit your child/childrens requirements.

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