Holiday Club

At Sunbeams, we offer care for school age children during the holidays. We have great fun visiting lots of local attractions on the Island and in Weymouth. We go out in our mini bus to many different places such as Farmer Palmers, picnics at Moors Valley, crabbing down at Weymouth harbour, the Fun Factory, the Sea Life Centre, Portland Museum and many more. It is great fun for the children and the staff to be able to visit different places.

Before and After school care

In the mornings, we open at 7 o’clock. The children arrive and have breakfast and a short play before going to school in our mini bus. We currently drop off children to Maritime house, St. Georges and Osprey school and collect children from Wyke Regis, Maritime house, St. Georges and Osprey.

Once the children have been collected after school they come back to Sunbeams for tea, fun and plenty of games. We have a wide selection of board games for the children to play and they have access to a computer filled with age appropriate activities.

It is so lovely for old children to return once they have started going to school, it is nice for them to see their friends and tell us everything they have learnt.


We are enthusiastic about providing healthy, home cooked meals, and are proud to hold a Five Star rating from the Food standards agency. Our chef freshly prepares a healthy lunch everyday along with a variety of desserts. Our menus here include a wide range of delicious dishes.

At breakfast time the children are given a wide selection to choose from. We offer 5 different cereals, porridge, toast, crumpets, croissants, fruit, yoghurt, a variety of fruit juice and cooked eggs.

At tea time the children always have salad alongside a cooked meal. These can be jacket potatoes, beans on toast, a pasta dish, pizza, quiche, fried rice and many more. You can find an example of our menu below.

Click here to see the menu