The Garden


Our outdoor play area is surrounded by fields, which look over the coast, all the way down to Portland Bill. Under our watchful eyes, the children are free to explore the garden, play with the swings, in the sandpit and wendy houses, and ride bicycles and scooters.

There are plenty of large and small motor activities in the garden to build up every child’s physical development. Come rain or shine the children love to be outside, whether it is splashing in muddy puddles or catching feathers in the wind!

At one end of the garden, we have a small farm area with chickens, bunnies, guinea pigs, quails and a pond filled with fish.

The children help the staff daily to collect the eggs and feed the animals. The children use the eggs for our cooking activities and enjoy learning about how to look after and care for them. We have had our chickens since tiny hatchling's and our bunnies since they were newly born so the children have been a huge part of the growing process. We also have a vegetable patch for the children to plant a wide variety of veg. Every year the children join in with the planting of the seeds and harvesting the crops.